15 January 2017

Products Removed From My Everday Makeup Drawer

I am going to start by apologising for the horrendous quality of my pictures in this blog post. I have really upped my photography game over the last couple of months but I really have no idea what is going on today. I thought I'd upload the pictures anyway because I am sure you don't mind... and also I took these before going back to work after 2 weeks off and I am super busy so I don't have much time to improve these . Anyyyyway! As I was sat in my bed feeling poorly whilst getting over my cold I felt a sudden urge to get up and clear out my drawers, strange I know! My everyday makeup drawer was getting out of control and it ended up being hard to shut. I knew some products that I stopped using had to be taken out and replaced with new things that I have got and also old products that I want to bring out again.

8 January 2017

Beauty Buys from America

When my dad went to Vegas and I have never been to excitedddddd thinking about what makeup I could get. However, I don't think my poor dad wanted to visit different drugstores to find the many products I wanted. He kindly said if I wrote a list he would try to find some of the products. He obviously has no clue about makeup and brands so I made the list very clear and literally asked for a few things. I didn't ask him to go to Sephora as that would be a bit too much haha... So he came back with 3 items which I was very grateful for. He tried his best to find what I wanted and there was only 5 things on the list anyway. 

7 January 2017

Why I Find It Hard To Be Away From Home

Image Credit: We Heart It

Im starting to write this post at 23:42 after having a long think after writing in my diary. After closing it. I thought to myself "I wonder when my life will start to get interesting?" Now only I can make this change I know but there's many reasons why I am holding myself back. I could be out there like not even somewhere exotic but even visiting different places in the UK, having fun and meeting new people. But, I just don't make these plans and then sit there and wonder why my life is boring. Now I'm not saying I'm the most boring person ever, I have done some fun things and been on amazing holidays but its just rare. I'd love my diary to be packed of fun things frequently.

5 January 2017

NYX Lingerie Lipstick and HD Finishing Power Review

I'm not sure why but whenever I go to a Boots store and I see a NYX stand, I feel like I have to buy something to try out. I haven't really experimented much with this brand. My local store has so many signs for NYX and I was told by a member of staff it would arrive in August. It's January 2017 now and it's till not here! I have 2 matte lip creams which are nice colours but I am not really a HUGE fan. but I didn't give up on trying their lip products. I have had my eyes on the lingerie lipsticks for a while. I have also been wanting a loose powder so I thought I'd pick these two products up to try, because well, why not! They didn't have many shades of the lingerie lipsticks in stock however I am glad I found a nude. I was always for the bright and bold lip colours but I don't see myself coming out of this phase anytime soon! 

31 December 2016

Looking back at 2016 and Ideas for 2017

Throughout 2010, 2011, 2012 and half of 2013 (I got bored) I wrote in dairies, everything I did each day. Thinking about it, that was a lot of commitment for my younger self (lol). When I was clearing out my drawers I found these diaries and looked back on the years and smiled to myself. It was so nice to read what I did when I was younger and it brought back so many memories of people who I had in my life. There wasn't much that was interesting in there mostly "went to school, came home, had dinner, went to sleep" or on the weekends "slept over at my friends house", "went out with my friend" "went to my nans". *Thinks back to the times when I had many friends and was out all the time* So when Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) from Youtube released annual diaries that were super cute I had to purchase one. Then I decided to document everything I did again.

29 December 2016

What I Got For Christmas 2016

Christmas is over and done with already which makes me very sad. It's crazy how we do so much prep and then it's over so quickly. I really felt excited for Christmas this year. It's not really the same when you are older however, this year has been the first year where I could afford to buy everybody presents. Therefore, I was excited to give my gifts to my family. I was also excited to receive some presents too of course. I don't have a problem with anyone sharing what they got for Christmas. I get once a year therefore, Christmas is obviously special so I will be happy to show everyone. Plus I am grateful for everything. I had a lovely Christmas with my family and I am now feeling rather full. I love all the food at Christmas time. I hope you all had a great Christmas!

20 December 2016

My Fake Tan Routine

I LOVE fake tan so much. I have probably been using fake tan for 4 years now. I started off getting spray tans before experimenting with different products I can use at home. I won a Youtube giveaway once, including lots of fake tan products which enabled me to get started and practise. It didn't take me long to be able to achieve a good tan every time. So, I started off by using a tinted moisturiser before moving onto mousses. I like a good dark tan therefore I preferred using the mousses. I like to be tanned all the time but it's annoying that mousses are harder to scrub off and they don't last as long, seeing as you can always top up a gradual tanner. It is more effort using mousses every week but it's worth it to me seeing as I am overly pale. I think I have finally mastered fake tan. I know how to apply it and what works for me. It's a bit sad that I plan around my tan, deciding when it will be scrubbed off and re-applied for different occasions but I like it! If you want to know why I wear fake tan you can read my post here.