19 July 2013


I was spending the day as usual watching YouTube videos and was watching one of my favourite beauty youtubers macbarbie07 and she did a video about laced shorts. So what did I have to do? Get some laced shorts.

You can wear anything with these shorts from crop tops to graphic tees. These really do style up your outfit. When I wear shorts I hate how my bum cheeks hang out (so not attractive) however the lace on these shorts cover up that part so this is an easy way of wearing hot pants!

These are still available at Miss Selfridges here

Louise x


Fave current outfit!

I always wanted a denim style skater skirt from Topshop but I always put off buying one, but as in the UK we finally got a summer my mum went shopping and brought me one. However this one was from Primark and was only £8 bargain! It doesn't even look like its from Primark there quality is getting so much better.

The elasticated waist makes it so much more comfortable and I like the darker denim colour rather than the light colour. I have worn this with a small crop top also from Primark for £2. These skirts will go well with anything and many different coloured tops. They will look good with sandles or trainers but I prefer wearing converse with mine :)

I hope you have got inspiration from this outfit and Primark is defiantly worth checking out at the moment. 

Louise x


MUA nail polish

I have always been a lover of MUA cosmetics, the quality of what you pay for is beyond amazing however there are always some products in every brand that are just a waste of time but you can't complain with the price of MUA.

When I saw the new nail polishes I just wanted every colour and when I saw the price tag well why not? They are only £1 and the colour range is good.

(bad quality picture...sorry)

These could be considered as a dupe for Essie as the packaging are almost the same however I don't think they last as long. The bottles of nail polish are small but I cant complain as they are only £1.

Overall, if you are on a budget these are the perfect nail polishes for you, however if you don't have time to re paint your nails once they are chipped I'd go for the Essie nail polishes.

Louise x


17 July 2013

Quick fashion tip

As I'm starting to make my outfits more fun and less boring I have found a good way to style up a really simple outfit.

I love the detail on this jacket. The leather arms and denim jacket go well together and it is comfortable. The studs on the front make it more fashionable. 

Just by adding a jacket it will make your outfit stand out and look amazing. I love this jacket that I got from Forever 21 a while ago. It was my statement piece in spring and I can't wait to wear it again when it starts getting colder. If you are just popping out you can just slip on a jacket like this and you are good to go and it will look like you have made a lot of effort when you really haven't!

Louise x


Midi dresses

Midi dresses have been popular this season. I love them because they are so versatile. They can be worn casually or on nights outs. They can be worn with heels, converse, vans or sandles. They also go well with blazers, leather jackets and denim jackets. With a tan these simple dresses can look amazing with no effort at all! There are loads of midi dresses in every shop and so many different designs and colours to suit everyone! I think they are a must have in anyone's wardrobe, however they may not be to everyone's taste as they are very figure hugging but they seriously look great on everyone! If you are thinking about purchasing a midi dress you totally should!

Louise x


15 July 2013


Lately, I have been going into Primark and can't help but buy a couple of things. I have months where I won't even go into a Primark but recently I want everything in there! I would usually buy essential things in there but the summer clothing has been great this year.

As I usually wear very simple things I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and buy more pretty, eye catching things rather than looking boring especially as it's the summer. The dress selection caught my eye. I have brought 2 summer dresses and a maxi dress and the quality is amazing and for such a cheap price you cannot go wrong!

This dress is perfect! The detail is amazing and it is elastic at the waist so it shows off your figure and it is a very light dress for them hot summer days when you don't want heavy clothing stuck on you all day. At £13 this dress is perfect, so if you see this in Primark defiantly check it out. They also have many other dresses in so many designs you defiantly will find the one that suits your style! 

Louise x


14 July 2013


As everyones proms have happened recently I thought I'd blog about my prom.

Being a teenage girl prom is a stressful thing, especially for me as I am very picky when it comes to dresses. I didn't seem to get excited for prom so looking for a dress wasn't on my agenda but as it came to May I was stressing out! (Be careful when ordering dresses online) After my awful experience I was stressing out even more therefore I resorted into buying a dress in the high street shops. I went into Lipsy and fell inlove with a pink dress straight away and knew it was going to be my prom dress. I am very simple and I certaintly don't want to bring attention to myself with a big bold dress so this dress was perfect.

I had the lightest spray tan the night before as you can see it's not orange and it's just given me a glow. I brought my shoes, bracelet and clutch blag all from newlook and they all looked much more expensive than they are which shows you don't have to worry about having a lot of money for prom because people who spend less look nicer which means you are bound to look far from tacky!

I had my hair curled at the hairdressers. They were curled with ghd's which helps the curls too stay in for longer. The curls stayed in all night and I didn't get in till 4am in the morning!

I loved my earrings and I can't wait to wear them again! From Lipsy at just £10

And for all you's having your prom next year, don't stress it will be amazing!
Prom was so good and it goes by so quick.
Enjoy it whilst it lasts.

Louise x

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