27 July 2014

Things I Do To Save Time In The Morning

Hi guys,

So today in this post, I am going to share with you some of the things that I do to save time in the mornings when I am in a rush. These tips can also help when you are getting ready to go out early in the morning but have time to make extra effort but still have a set time to be ready.

  • In the mornings I like spend less time on my hair as I'd rather spend more time on my makeup. The night that I wash my hair (every other day) I will use my John Freida Frizz Ease spray on wet hair then go on with my hair dryer and straighter. As the spray keeps my hair straighter for longer I do not have to straighten my hair every morning. I will just go over the front parts of my hair and I'm done. Doing my hair the night before saves me so much more time and if I was in a rush as I'd be done in minutes.

  • The morning in which I'm going to work I am super speedy as I am in a rush. I have a quick shower, tie my hair up, put on some foundation, powder and mascara then fill in my eyebrows and I'm good to go. To save time with my makeup I like to get out the products I will use the night before and place them on my dressing table. This saves time because I am not hunting through my makeup drawers (which can be super loud when rummaging.. I don't want to wake the house up) and everything is right in front of me.

  • Deciding what outfit I am going to wear takes the longest time with me. I like to pick out my clothes the night before as I will be less stressed and can be ready in no time. Also if they need to be re-ironed (I like to chuck things in to the bottom of the wardrobe) I have time to do so.

  • If you go to school/college you will find that packing your bag the night before is very helpful as you are not rushing around trying to find a piece of homework or assignment that is due in. I like to think about what I need for the day as I hate forgetting things - I don't know how many times I check that my memory stick is defiantly in my bag. If you're in school, packing your bag the night before will help avoid detentions in case you forget homework.

An extra thing I like to do the morning before I have to be out early is charge my phone and Ipod over night. By doing this I know I will have a full battery for the day. If I forget this I hate knowing I will not have enough battery to last if I want to scroll through twitter, check instagram, chat to friends through whatsapp or BBM etc.

I don't know if this is my super organised self who just does these things.. Please don't tell me I'm the only one. I like to think I am organised and I have to be in a set routine.

Do you do anything to save time in the morning? If so let me know in the comments.
Louise x


18 July 2014

My Summer Wishlist

As the summer break approaches I thought I'd share my summer wishes and what I want to do before the fall starts again.

 Go to Southend-On-Sea

I go to Southend every summer with my family. I love going to Southend as theres lots to do. My favourite thing to do is go to Adventure Island and go on all the rides. I have been on all the rides loads of times and I never get bored. They may not be as great as other theme park's rides such as Alton Towers, Thorpe Park etc but I love these plus I don't have to wait an hour to get on a ride! 

I also like going to the amusements rather than the beach. When we plan to go the weather is typically not nice but I think I'd rather sit on the beach with friends rather than family. Southend has the longest standing pier in the world so I'd like to go on a train ride on it however that would be quite scary!

 Have fun

Rather than spending the summer at home addicted to watching TV shows and eating food I want to take every good opportunity given to me and go out more and experience new things. Whether that is with family or friends I do not want to waste my summer and I want to get the most out of it as I can.
 Get a tan

There isn't much sun in England to get a tan and I think I'd just burn anyway. So to be honest, I am going to be tanning from a bottle and pretending I laid out in the sun or went on holiday.

Get fit

Serious fitness is needed in my life. I used to play netball and I was fit but now I cannot run up the stairs without getting out of breath and it's rather embarrassing, especially when I have two flights of stairs to walk up to get to my college room. Cute trainers and gym clothing should give me inspiration to start doing some exercise this summer.

The 'perfect summer body' is of course something everyone wants to have but I can tell I won't have that. I wish I could have total body confidence.

Eat healthy

I honestly eat so much. I am constantly being told I do not have an end to my stomach. I am always hungry and it's bad how most of the things I eat are bad foods. I do not really like eating fruits but that needs to change. I am going to try getting into fruit and yogurt for breakfast but if I do not eat it everyday it will be a waste as it will need to be thrown away. I also need to eat salads and eat a balanced diet. As well as that I need to make sure I have 3 proper meals a day.

Get more confidence

I have got a lot more confidence since I left school and I think it is because I have become more independent and trying a lot more to not care what others think of me. I also find it easier to stick up for myself. I have come out from my shell and have been able to actually talk to new people rather than being shy and awkward. However, there is more confidence that needs to come and I need to start doing things for myself and stop relying on my mum for everything. I can't even talk to a doctor when I'm ill, my mum has do all the talking! Anyone else??

Spend time with friends

Friends are really important and I need to spend more time with them. I need to create more memories with them. I'd like to get a Polaroid camera to capture my memories and make an memory board to place in my room. I'd like to also do more things with friends like visiting more places, going to the beach etc. I hope to make new friends too.

What are your wishes for the summer? I'd love to know! Tell me in the comments!

Louise x


9 July 2014


On Saturday night I went to my mum's friend's 40th birthday party and I was so excited to wear my new playsuit and heels. I thought I'd share my outfit with you.

Playsuit- H&M

Louise x


6 July 2014

Hairstyle Inspiration

Oh how I wish I was good at styling my hair but I'm awful. When I'm looking at pictures of hairstyles my first thought is "Wow how do they do that". I can't even make a simple bun look nice. As I have thick hair I think it's harder for me to create styles as I'm not an expert. I'm going to be spending a lot of time in front of the mirror now practising some hairstyles and hope for the best! I can guarantee that I will make a hairstyle look half decent when at home then try and do it again the next day when I'm actually going out and it won't work.. always the way.

This hairstyle looks so classy and glamorous and I wish I could achieve these curls at home! Maybe salon trips for special occasions will do!

A bun and a plait together look so nice and it is perfect for summer to get your hair out the way.

This bun looks nice but I don't think I could do this with my thick long hair such a struggle!

This plait looks amazing especially with the curls. This is perfect for everyday or special occasions.

Lets take a moment to appreciate this girl's hair colour. I would love for my hair to be this blonde! The hairstyle looks effortless.

This bun would be more suitable for my hair. This hairstyle would be great for throwing up when you're in a rush or having a lazy day.

Pictures from We Heart It My profile here

Saved the best till last! This is my favourite hairstyle. I even got my friend to try and do this on my hair but it didn't work out well. I wish I knew how to do this! 

What one do you like best? What is your favourite hair style at the moment?
Louise x

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