6 July 2014

Hairstyle Inspiration

Oh how I wish I was good at styling my hair but I'm awful. When I'm looking at pictures of hairstyles my first thought is "Wow how do they do that". I can't even make a simple bun look nice. As I have thick hair I think it's harder for me to create styles as I'm not an expert. I'm going to be spending a lot of time in front of the mirror now practising some hairstyles and hope for the best! I can guarantee that I will make a hairstyle look half decent when at home then try and do it again the next day when I'm actually going out and it won't work.. always the way.

This hairstyle looks so classy and glamorous and I wish I could achieve these curls at home! Maybe salon trips for special occasions will do!

A bun and a plait together look so nice and it is perfect for summer to get your hair out the way.

This bun looks nice but I don't think I could do this with my thick long hair such a struggle!

This plait looks amazing especially with the curls. This is perfect for everyday or special occasions.

Lets take a moment to appreciate this girl's hair colour. I would love for my hair to be this blonde! The hairstyle looks effortless.

This bun would be more suitable for my hair. This hairstyle would be great for throwing up when you're in a rush or having a lazy day.

Pictures from We Heart It My profile here

Saved the best till last! This is my favourite hairstyle. I even got my friend to try and do this on my hair but it didn't work out well. I wish I knew how to do this! 

What one do you like best? What is your favourite hair style at the moment?
Louise x



  1. I know what you mean with your hair being perfect when you're at home and then not cooperating when you're going out. My hair does that all the time! For the last picture you posted try looking up waterfall braid on youtube, I'm pretty sure that's the style you want. :)


    1. It's so annoying! & Thank you! I will check some videos out Xx

  2. I can never get my hair to cooperate either. I always manage to mess up even a simple bun. I love the three bun pictures you posted. I'm gonna have to try the last bun (the messy top knot) for myself!


  3. I have the same problem with my hair being so thick it's incredibly hard to manage haha. I do like a mermaid braid though :)

    Libby- www.libertycanwrite.blogspot.com

  4. The first one is so pretty!
    Well they all are
    My friends a hairdresser and I love the updos she does on me, just wish I could do them myself

  5. These look lovely! I wish I could keep up blonde hair, just can't handle regrowth!!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  6. The last one is amazing !!

    Wow your blog post is amazing

    I love your blog and your design

    well done

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