31 August 2014

Things I Do When I'm Bored

I moan when I'm always busy and want to have a lazy day and I also moan when I'm bored having a lazy day as I have nothing to do. Here is a list of the things I like to do when I have no plans to save me from boredom.

1. Read and write blogs

What's better to do when your bored. I love writing blog posts and it will keep me occupied for a long time. I also like to go through my bloglovin' feed and find out all about the latest products and whats on trend.

2. Watch Gossip Girl

I am coming to the end of Gossip Girl and I do not know what to do with my life once I have finished it. I will probably watch it again with my friend (I always try and get my friends into the things I like). Any suggestions on good TV shows?

3. Watch YouTube videos

I could spend hours watching videos on my subscription list and end up finding new youtubers and spending even longer watching all of their videos. I love beauty videos obviously but also vlogs and skits/impressions etc.

4. Online shopping

I say shopping but I mostly find myself browsing through various shops looking for new clothes to add to my long list of things I want. I also look on beauty sites because lets face it.. I can't resist. My favourite shops to online shop on are Missguided, Boohoo, Topshop, River Island, Newlook, ELF, Superdrug, Boots and Feel Unique.

5. Watch Films

I don't often watch films, I go through stages of constantly watching films to never watching films. Recent films I have watched are We're the Millers, The To Do List and Revenge of the bridemaids. I also saw The Fault in Our Stars at the cinema. I recommend these films! I am yet to watch Inbetweeners 2, Begin Again and What If.

What TV shows and films do you recommend? What do you do when you're bored?
Louise x


13 August 2014

My Fave TV Shows!

I am currently obsessed with watching TV shows and it's mainly what I do in my spare time. Episode after episode and I've almost completed a season in what.. a day? I used to just watch the usual soaps, big brother and TOWIE but now I have brushed them off and have settled with actual good addictive shows. My friends get me into these TV shows so I thought I'd share with you my favourite shows.

  • Pretty Little Liars

  • Gossip Girl

  • 90210

  • Awkward

I have been watching pretty little liars for ages but in my opinion season 5 is dragging a bit but none the less it is still amazing. I just hope the show ends soon so I can finally find out the mystery. This is the most addictive TV show I have ever watched and I couldn't recommed it enough. Gossip Girl is my favourite show of them all. I must admit it is a show that may take you a while to get into but after you begin to fall in love with the characters it becomes amazing and I was unable to stop watching it. I didn't even want it to end.. and I may have cried at the last episode! I have been watching 90210 for a while and it's an easy show to watch but still amazing. I was hooked from the first episode.. and made me want to live in Beverly Hills. Awkward on the other hand is a show I have just started I watched the first few epsiodes with my friend and then I went home and continued watching it. It's so funny and different to the other shows I have mentioned above.

It is the most annoying thing when good TV shows get cancelled e.g. The Lying Game and Ravenswood they were my absolute favourties and left cliff hangers. I really wanted to find out about the untold mysteries that laid in them. I hate watching something then not finishing it!

Have you watched any of these shows? Any recommendations?

Louise x

11 August 2014

Fashion Haul

After a much needed shopping trip with some friends I came back with a few purchases that I'm really happy with so I thought I'd share them with you. I went to many shops but it's a pain when everything you like doesn't have your size in stock. The most annoying thing is when something looks better on the hanger than it does on you, can anyone relate? First world problems..

From Newlook I brought this lime green cami top which is only £9.99! I think this is a great top to brighten up my wardrobe as I normally stick to plain colours as you will see in this post.. I like to pair this with jeans. It looks nice tucked in but I prefer it out. It is perfect for this season however I don't think we will be getting any hot weather soon in the UK. I think I could get away with wearing this in the winter but for fall this would look amazing with jeans and a leather jacket.

For a while I have been looking for my size in these jeans in my local River Island but have failed a couple of times. I even looked online and they were sold out. When I went shopping in London I found them and had to get them. I have been after these jeans because I have given up with my Topshop Joni jeans as they have gone baggy. I hope these jeans don't do that. They are £40 here.

 I love plain crop tops and when I saw this for only £9.99 from River Island I knew I had to have it. It is different as it has a high neck style. These are so easy to wear as they can be matched with shorts, jeans or high waisted skirts. In the Autumn I will wear this with jeans, boots and a leather jacket for my oh so edgy style.

Denim shorts have been on my list for a while but they are hard to find as I don't want to be walking around with my bum cheeks on show... I found these from again River Island and was surprised at the price. I thought they were going to be more than just £28. I will also wear these in the colder months with tights.

My last top to show is again a high neck top, and again from River Island and again black! What I love about this is that I can dress it up or down. I can tuck it in or leave it out, I love it. This is comfortable as it is jersey material. I also love the back detail. It is also only £18.

And that is the end of my mini fashion haul! I have already been browsing online at more clothes that I want. Hope you liked this post. What item is your favourite?

Louise x

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