25 August 2016

My Experience With Eyelash Extensions

I was anti eyelash extensions until I was so fed up of applying mascara. I would always ruin eyeshadow, poke myself in the eye, blink and get it all under my eyes and ruin my concealer!  Plus I have rubbish eyelashes so no matter how hard I tried they were not going to look nice and my eyes did not stand out at all.
So I did some research and decided I really want to have these extensions. Fake eyelash strips was not an option for me as I am useless at sticking them on plus I can't trust them to not hang off during the day which would be very embarrassing! I was scared about having major gaps but I realised that lashes are glued to every individal eyelash and will only fall out with your natural lash cycle so I thought I would just go for it. I might aswell experiment they can always be taken off at the end of the day.

So I booked an appointment with a girl I have known since I was little and 2 hours later I was SO amazed at how good my eyelashes looked. I didn't go for long lashes, just full. I also had my own lashes tinted so that they looked extra black seeing as I have light eyelashes.

The only thing that is annoying about having eyelash extensions is that I find it hard to apply eyeshadow as well as taking it off. Also I like to rub my eyes when I'm tired and when I wake up in the morning so its really hard. Would this be a deal breaker for you? On the plus side I can do my makeup quicker and always have nice lashes.
So what do you think? Do you like them?
Louise x

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  1. These look amazing! I've been toying with the idea of getting mine done


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