20 August 2017

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Day Palette Review

I bought this pretty little palette from Superdrug the other day. I think it was just the packaging that made me buy it to be honest. And the fact it has the word 'Renaissance' in it. I thought this would be a nice edition to my makeup bag as I prefer doing my makeup at work these days so I can get up a little later. I love the natural colours it has which will be good just for some definition in the crease. It gives me Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette vibes- which I absolutely love. 

I mean come on... isn't this the cutest palette you have ever seen? I love the cream colour with the gold around the edge. 

There are 5 shades which are super natural and have a cool tone to them. They are all matte which I like. 

Unfortunately, this product really let me down. As you can see from the swatches they are quite pigmented for drugstore shadows. However, when I dipped my brush into a crease colour and applied it, there wasn't anything there! I had to apply a lot of shadow, around 5 times and even then there was not a lot of pay off! When I used the black colour it literally blended away into nothing! The lightest shade is nice over the lid but it disappears too! 

The palette is £8 which is cheap but I have tried cheaper shadows that have given off better colour than this! I really don't recommend. There are other versions of this palette with some shimmery shades which look nice- but I am not going to try them because of how much I dislike this palette. I would 100% spend £24 on the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette instead.

I'm so sad I dislike this product! Have you tried it?



  1. It's such a shame about this palette, as their shadows are usually great! You can really tell from the swatches that they are chalky, but hey at least the packaging is pretty haha xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. I've never tried any other shadows from them. I'm too much of a high end snob when it comes to eyeshadow. I could use anything else from the drugstore and be fine! xx

  2. This looks like such a lovely palette because it covers your neutrals! I need to give the palette a go!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris


  3. Love your blog layout!!x

  4. How cute is the packaging of this palette but it's too bad it does not produce enough colour, I would have high hopes for it. Too bad :(


  5. It's such a shame the eyeshadows are not great quality because like you say the packaging in stunning.

  6. I'd definitely agree with you that it certainly looks similar to Urban Decay basics palette though it's a shame the quality didn't match!

    Musings & More

  7. its a shame this isn't good, makeup revolution's eyeshadows are usually so good! the shades look lovely though x



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